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Introducing the

Titleist Performance Institute Golf Fitness and Conditioning Personal Workout Routine.

Vida Performance Golf Fitness addresses all aspects of the body that affect golf-specific performance, regardless of age, body type, fitness or ability level.

  • Discover and correct your body’s limitations, which contribute to swing flaws.

  • Increase your swing consistency and shot accuracy, and lower scores through improved mobility, stability and balance.

  • Learn the secret to turning on deep torso musculature to increase the power of your swing and add yards to your drive.

  • Correct faulty movement patterns and postural issues that may lead to pain on the course.

Golf Fitness workouts includE:

  • PGA Health assessment screening

  • Pre-Round/ Workout Warm-Ups

  • Injury Prevention Exercises

  • Golf-Specific Strength Training

  • Power Development for Golf

  • Mobility, stability, core strength and posture

  • Recovery

Pre-registered is required for appointments!


Call to reserve a one hour

personal or group session.

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