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We believe that the key to a strong company is having strong, healthy employees. Encouraging health and wellness is one of the most effective ways employers can use to improve employee morale, productivity, employee retention and overall profit. A corporate wellness program yields results both in the workplace and at home by boosting energy levels and reducing overall stress.


A recent study by two Harvard professors and a Harvard medical student concluded that medical costs fall by approximately $3.27 for every dollar spent on wellness programs and that absenteeism costs fall by approximately $2.73 for every dollar spent.*  The question is not whether companies can afford to implement corporate wellness programs--the question is whether they can afford not to! Let VIDA Performance customize a corporate wellness program for your company.  Inquire about the VIDA Performance guarantee!

VIDA Performance at your workplace

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Did You Know?

As the United States moves into the twenty-first century, we are witnessing dramatic changes in the world of corporate America. One of the most exciting changes that is beginning to capture the attention of America’s business leaders is the creation of fitness programs for the American work force. 


Through a VIDA Performance corporate wellness program, companies have come to realize:


1) A dramatic increase in employee productivity and performance

2) An improved employee morale

3) Reduced health care costs

4) Reduced absenteeism

5) An enhanced ability to attract and retain valuable personnel

6) A boost in the company’s corporate image

7) An Increase in employees' overall quality of life, from the proven benefits gained physically, psychologically and emotionally through health and fitness.


Even a small program can yield big results.  Let VIDA Performance show you how!

WHY Choose VIDA as your provider?


VIDA Performance will listen to your company’s fitness vision and goals. We will then provide a custom online survey to obtain information from your employees on their specific needs and wants. With the results of these two elements, we will make a recommendation to help you realize your company’s fitness vision. 



Facility Design


VIDA Performance can design the most ergonomic and economical layout for an on-site facility. We work with the best equipment dealers and can help you choose and purchase equipment that specifically fits the needs of your company. But, it is not necessary to purchase equipment to start a corporate wellness program. VIDA Performance can create classes that require nothing more than space and mats.

Individual Assessment 

VIDA Performance has a methodical process of assessing each employee. Our comprehensive assessment process covers:


  • Health history

  • Blood pressure and resting heart rate

  • Cardiovascular test

  • Grip strength 

  • Body fat test

  • Functional movement screen/postural assessment 

  • Biological vs. true fitness age

  • Recommendation on progressing one's fitness


Program Implementation


VIDA Performance provides Coaching (personal training) in multiple formats: private one-on-one coaching and group personal training. Our Coaches are educated and trained to teach the science of movement.  We combine yoga with modern exercise science to coach your employees so they feel results from every session. 


VIDA Performance on-site wellness  programs are designed to teach movement principles and correct improper movement patterns. Training our bodies through structural integration can help prevent injuries and relieve chronic pain.  We teach a form of exercise that  benefits each individual, no matter their age or fitness level. 


The mindful moving coaching methods used by our coaches can significantly impact employees' lives and performance at work.  We instruct how to move more mindfully in a ergonomically correct way, whether one is standing, sitting or even working on an assembly line.  Our methods will help boost energy and enhance overall well-being and productivity at work.


VIDA Performance aims to bring its clients an understanding of their bodies: the strengths, weaknesses and patterns. Our programs are mentally stimulating and as physically challenging as employees want and that conditions permit. Our corporate clients have experienced an awakening that manifests itself in pain relief, increased energy, less stress and enhanced fitness levels.

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