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I have always been an active person but really didn't think I needed to work out per se to be fit.  In my 40s, I started a running program to increase my endurance for tennis. In my 50s, I noticed a lack of upper body and core strength. I could not step up on a chair to get to a high cabinet or lift myself out of the pool by my arms. What to do? 

Three years ago, I began a TRX training program two days a week with Michelle Vahey. Looking back, she started me out with baby steps. She broke down complicated movements into their simple components. When I had mastered each step, she put them together and voila! - I was doing a suspended burpee! Each workout was carefully planned to build on the last one. Michelle was very aware of my fitness level and how to improve it over time. She was also very cognizant of the physical issues I have. I have thrown my back out two or three times in the last 3 years doing dumb stuff like trying to move a washing machine by myself. Michelle made sure she didn't exacerbate the injury but worked to strengthen my core and back muscles so that it won't happen again. And if I felt uncomfortable doing an exercise, she found another way for me to work the muscle without hurting myself.

Michelle puts "personal" in personal training. She has a sweet disposition but that doesn't mean she lets me get away with slacking off. She is very encouraging and praises me when I do well. She is a stickler for proper form even to the smallest detail. Michelle is excited to learn new fitness techniques and incorporate them into my workout.

Most importantly, Michelle makes our sessions fun and something I look forward to twice a week. Thank you Michelle for keeping me able to do the things I want to do!

Susan Cascells



I've never felt better or been stronger. More rotation in my golf swing; quicker on the squash court, and less injuries in all activities. All due to Michelle and the expert way she teaches TRX. It’s the best repetitive training I’ve ever had. She is highly trained, knowledgeable, and experienced. She expertly works with and around any physical problems. She demands a lot, but does it with a beautiful smile. If you can get on her schedule, count yourself very lucky!


Clipper LaMotte






I have been training in my home with Michelle for over 3 years. The results have been outstanding with significant improvement in strength and balance.


Peggy Woolard



I am 72+ ,and have been active and physically fit all my life. Golf is my hobby and passion,  but at this age it is inevitable that one will gradually lose strength, range of motion and balance. The movement regimen of prescribed exercises with Matt Vahey as my coach & trainer has definitely slowed that process for me. And probably just as important, I really feel good every day - very little age related stiffness or aches & pains.


Bill Iredale 


Matt Vahey, with VIDA Performance has provided leading edge fitness programs for our firm for over five years. We surveyed employees to gauge interest areas and developed a weekly schedule to accommodate them. This has resulted in remarkably high levels of participation, motivation and productivity from the staff.


VIDA Performance engaging personalities and wellness expertise keeps us coming back again and again.


VIDA Performance classes are well designed and the right level of difficulty - they keep them fresh with new concepts and they know how to motivate us to do our best!


Gordon Stone, Veritable LP


A few years back I went in to see Matt because I was having significant back issues, and actually walked in to meet  Matt with my body resembling the number “7”, that was the condition that he first met me.


They changed my life!  Their tireless efforts, hard work, and CONSTANT positive encouragement, not only changed my back and physical condition, but improved my overall health.  Matt is extremely focused and energetic, and wants nothing but the best for everyone that walks through those doors – regardless, of age, health condition, or physical limitations.  He designed a program for me and the two of them pushed me on good days, and understood my limitations on bad days.  Always POSITIVE!


It is rare to find someone with the dedication that both Matt and Michelle possess, and the enthusiasm they have for what they do.  I would get text messages after hard workouts to make sure I was ok, and subsequent messages of encouragement after tough days.  They would message me if they were away to make sure my workout went well, and always offer healthy advice.   


They have been missed.  Matt has a way of creating an infectious desire for each person to do more and live a healthier lifestyle.  .


Kevin Shegog



Testimonials from employees at  Softmart, one of our Corporate Clients 


Just wanted to let you know that I really appreciate and enjoy your Friday morning Yoga classes.  In addition to increasing flexibility and strength, I especially like how I feel after class –very relaxed and calm.  My muscles feel tired yet awake and energized all at the same time.  It’s a hard sensation to describe, but an awesome feeling that lasts all day.  I would highly recommend your class to my co-workers.  Thanks to you and Softmart for offering them.   




Since the inception of our fitness program in Jan of 2014, I have experienced many benefits.  I have more energy.  I feel more productive and am happier in general to work at Softmart. The opportunity to work out at lunch frees up time in the evening, and provides a more sustainable work-life balance.   I have maintained my healthy weight.  I have gained strength, stamina and endurance.  The mid-day class is really a great boost and helps me to sustain energy in the afternoon, avoiding the 3pm slump. It is one of the best benefits of working here and am so happy with the caliber of training.  Thanks for all you do!


Jessica  Weaver



The VIDA Performance team brings excitement to working a basic desk job. The increased motivation after a workout session makes it feels like brand new day.  Needless to say, it’s a great change of pace from being behind a computer screen!

Cori Miller


I just want you to know how you, your staff and Vida Performance has changed my life for the better.  The Vida Performance experience for me has been truly a blessing.  My sugar numbers have come down to a more manageable range and with the continued support of Vida Performance I know I will get those number to where they need to be.  I’ve quit smoking and feel so much better when I’m working out now.  I have so much more energy throughout the day because of the great start I’m receiving at 7:10 A.M.  My attitude is very positive because of the workout.


Your Vida Performance Team is great.  Everyone is very friendly and makes working out a lot of fun.  I feel I’m catered to on a personal level and my needs are met in class.  Everyone’s always willing to adjust to my abilities to allow me to be successful.  Your staff wears many hats from motivational speakers to educators.   The life experiences shared between me and your staff is always positive and definitely feeds my soul.


Keep up the great job!!  I look forward to continuing our friendship!! 

Karen Curly

Well, let me just tell you what an impact you have made in my life.  My kids and I now have yoga mats at home (10 & 6 years old) and we started watching YouTube videos that show the beginner moves.  THis is all because of you!

Christina Rombaldi

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